Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Secret tip for saving your skin, your wallet and your time.

I must share first a completely ironic story about a frugal living website. I went to this site looking for coupons and nearly clicked on an box touting help with monthly budget goals. But in order to sign up, you are charged $39.99 per month. Thank you but my free database works fine by me.
My secret for saving your skin and wallet is apparently quit a secret. I know this because the woman who helps me take showers after hospital visits has never, in her decades of showering people and raising kids, seen anyone else do what I came up with while working and actually trying to save time in the morning. (Thus this is a time saver as well.) Just take your hair conditioner and put it on your legs to shave instead of buying shaving cream. Then when you are almost done showering, take this same conditioner (which is hopefully the $2 brands) and rub it over your body. Do a quick rinse. No need to use expensive, or even inexpensive body lotion after you get out. Your pours are open in a hot shower so this helps the skin absorb the lotion.
Voila, you are ready to start your day fresh with smooth skin!


  1. Hmmm, didn't tell me about the mosturizing your whole body part-after a shower-another great ideal, Lee.
    Love Scarlet

  2. Thanks, dear. I thought I did tell you but now you know and I'm glad you love it so much. Saves time, money and your skin!