Saturday, June 9, 2012

Every blog has a soul.

I need to define why I am writing this blog. First, this blog will be about two things; writing and writing with a disability. They are integrally tied together. Alternately, one works against the other while the other is a grounding force. The disability puts me at, well, a disability. I am often sick and cannot write. But what keeps me strong through the hard times is knowing that I must go on to continue writing as writing has been at the core of "me" since I can remember. It is what keeps me going. I've often wondered why God has decided to put me through not only this disease but the trials in my life, which are many. In jest, and God must have a sense of humor, I have always joked that God won't let me die until I publish at least one of the four books I'm working on. I have a wry and dry sense of humor, honed over many years of bumps and scorching. So 'publish or parish' is a large poster in my mental interior decorations. Along with the war time saying 'Stay calm and carry on". Strength and honor are part of who I am and what I value. So this is a blog about getting through the hard times with steel and truth, and writing. Writing, writing, writing. It will also include, on the side, humor posts, culture posts, tips on daily life I have learned and will share (for anyone and other posts for those with disability). But writing through trials will be the main theme. There are lots of blogs out there; some people see in a negative light. But if you think of each blog being written by a person, having a provenance from a hard won life, then the blogs become to have a soul. The words attached to hands pumping blood to a heart, brain. This is mine; to flesh out what is mere binary digits and 'characters'. That is all for today as I have a swollen hand and am having trouble hitting the correct keys. A minor but cogent problem to add to the overall subject. My best. Be strong, carry on.

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