Monday, July 16, 2012

Tips for saving space and saving your wallet.

Who doesn't need more space? Raise your hand. Okay, no hands. Who doesn't need to organize something; your drawer, your office shelf, your storage shelves, your bathroom shelves? Again, no hands. Who would like to save money and do all of the above easily? Wow, lots of hands. Here are some tips to do that in 3 fast steps. First, we are in a consumer driven economy. And yet many people think the first step to organizing is...a trip to the 'organize-it store'. (I will not name names here.) But that trip will take money right out of your wallet. Back to 'consumer driven economy'. Well, we also consume a lot of goods. And if you recycle (I hope all hands are up on this one), you will find a number of good, solid packaging that will work wonders in organizing those pesky junk drawers or wires for all of the electronic goods. Even batteries or our dear postman's rubber-bands. For instance, I am a lover of Crystal Light. If there is a sale on the larger containers (as I've found the box kind to be cheaper; another tip for you), I just take off the label and I have a sturdy, perfectly shaded container with a steadfast lid that I didn't have to spend some odd dollars for at the 'organize-it store'. All I have to do is find a need for it (easy) and slap a label on it. If you don't have a label-maker, then grab some tape and a marker and write up what you need to fill it full of; cotton swabs, hair clips, band-aids, etc. Done. A secondary benefit to getting all of the lemon-aide you want. Who likes coffee? Most of the coffee, for instance Folgers come in a small or large container. Just cut off the label and you have a sturdy tub with a snap-on lid for anything in your bathroom closet. Slap and label on it and your done. I am sure you have some great containers that you purchase your favorite food item in that would make perfect organizing containers. Think of what you buy and take a new look at the items you recycle. Can the labels be taken off? If not, give your kids a fun, new art project to change those labels with a little art supplies into great labels for containing and organizing. I bet they have a great deal to organize. They will more easily grab a container that is emblazoned with their artwork and spelling on it to help keep things tidy for you. It's also a great way to help them think outside the box (or, more to the point, inside). What twenty things are like five more? What's a name for them? How do you spell it? What is a good picture to put on it to help remember what goes where? From you to your kids, nieces, or nephews; it's a great way to re-use and utilize something without having to spend a penny.

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